I have had the pleasure of working with Brian over the last three years as he recruited me for my role in Indonesia. I also worked with Brian to recruit a new CMO for my team. The recruitment industry is an industry that in my view is full of very unprofessional people that have no right to recruit professionals when they can not even manage themselves. Brian is the polar opposite of this. I rate him as one of the very best recruiters that I have worked with personally and on international searches for new team members to join my team. Brian has excellent connections that assist him in finding the right candidates. Brian manages the process very professionally. His communication between both parties is timely and on message. Brian’s follow up post placement is outstanding. He cares about getting the right candidate, how the candidate is performing and how the company is performing. This is so very rare in the recruitment industry. I highly recommend Brian. He is an outstanding representative for your company when you require new talent. You can always be assured of success when Brian is involved with a quality outcome.