Successful one minute, mediocre the next

The world wants to work in Singapore

Humans want to be successful. We all have different definitions of the word “success” but whatever our definition is, we all aim to achieve that definition. You may want to be successful at work, love, sport, as a leader, as a follower. Whilst being successful is a wonderful feeling, many of us don’t exactly know how to manage this success, nor how to maintain it.

The world wants to work in Singapore

The world wants to work in Singapore

Singapore is a VERY popular place, not just for the world’s tourists, but also the world’s workforce. In my executive recruitment capacity, I am contacted daily by professionals from around the world, all with the same desire and request – to find a job in Singapore.

I receive multiple emails, phone calls, Skype calls and resumes from business and functional leaders from countries across the UK, US & Canada, Latin America, Europe & Scandinavia, Australia & New Zealand, the Middle East, Africa and other Asian countries especially India.

Singapore’s reputation as a superb location to work and live is gaining momentum. People with families favour it over Hong Kong and it serves as an excellent base to service SE Asia’s fast growing & emerging economies. Some of these people however think they’re doing Singapore a favour by offering to move here and they expect to walk in to top tier roles with generous expat packages. They soon realise however that Singapore would be doing them the favour by letting them come here to work – on local terms.

Brian Moore interview on CNBC

Here’s me in 1997 (looking a little younger) being interviewed by Andrea Catherwood on CNBC’s ‘The Winners’, advising how interviewers can get better results from better interview preparation. I left Morgan & Banks in 1999 to set up Brian Moore Executive Search and continue to specialise across Asia Pacific & Middle East.